New Life - Egg donation agency

Why use an egg donor provided by us?

The advantages are that the egg donor is young – most of them in their 20s, many already proven through a previous successful donation or being young mothers with children of their own.

You will get all the oocytes produced by the donor. The chance of a successful pregnancy is very high and there will be a good chance to have embryos frozen for future use while trying for a sibling.

As there is a shortage of eggs in the UK some clinics offer a service called ‘egg sharing’, but in the case of such a treatment you will be also paying for the other lady’s treatment and you will only get half of the eggs produced by her. Egg – sharing donors might well be suffering from unexplained infertility (like producing eggs with chromosomal abnormalities) themselves, so their eggs may well not create a baby.

There is also a strong possibility that not enough good quality eggs would be produced, and your treatment would be cancelled. By using one of our altruistic donors, exclusively for you, this major limitation is avoided.

Many clinics even charge a fee to go on their waiting list; the first donor they offer you might not match exactly your requirements and if you refuse to take their first offer you might need to wait much longer.

If you get a donor from us you can start the treatment almost immediately; we have a great choice of donors, at present we have more than 200 donors on our books.