New Life - Egg donation agency

Thank you for considering New Life as you investigate the possibility of offering the gift of egg donation. Since infertility is an indiscriminate condition, we are in search of women from all walks of life, including all ethnicities, every race, with all hair and eye colours, varying physical attributes, academic achievements and/or special talents. We do require that our Donors possess a strong sense of commitment, the ability to demonstrate integrity and dependability, as well as a genuine humanitarian desire to assist an infertile couple/individual in conceiving. Egg donation requires a serious contribution of time and effort and involves undergoing medical procedures. Our Donors must be willing to commit to the entire process, from start to finish. Egg donation has been described as one of the most powerful and rewarding decisions a woman can make. We are here to help make the process a pleasant and fulfilling experience.

By donating your eggs you will be providing couples who would not normally be able to have children with the opportunity to have a family, the most precious gift of life.

You will be financially compensated for donating your eggs in line with the HFEA guidelines in the UK, further details can be found on the HFEA website by Clicking Here.Any donation made in the UK must be made in an HFEA licensed facility and you must be aware that UK donor anonymity has been removed (more information on the HFEA website).

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