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Welcome to New Life

New Life is the United Kingdom’s premier egg donation agency, founded and managed by a couple with personal understanding of the pain of infertility. After many treatments, we have two lovely children born as a result of egg donation.

Egg donation
As a global egg donation agency, based in the United Kingdom, New Life assists UK and international recipients. Our database of over 200 egg donors ensures no waiting period for the donor of your choice.

Known for our professionalism, integrity and high care of recipients and donors alike, the New Life team supports you through a seamless egg donation process, in what we hope will be an end to your infertility journey.

Our world class egg donation programme is supported by the UK’s leading fertility clinics, ensuring the best possible chance of conception via IVF egg donation as well as confidentiality and anonymity guaranteed. The donors are anonymous to recipients but all of the UK egg donors have open ID, with their details held by the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority and available to children born through egg donation at the age of 18.

Egg donation
Most of our donors are already tested and many are proven donors, whose previous donation(s) resulted in a pregnancy; we are pleased to announce that we have no waiting list for most recipients and could match you immediately.

In cooperation with HFEA recognised relationship clinics, we adhere to a strict policy on the testing and treatment of our donors. All of our donors are non-smokers and are tested to prove this. This is additional to the comprehensive list of tests required under HFEA regulations which screen out diseases and chromosomal abnormalities---for more details, see the ‘Donors’ section of this website.

We are delighted to have facilitated the egg donation IVF treatment cycles for couples and single ladies from the United Kingdom and, among others, from Australia, the USA, Germany, Belgium and France - making New Life a leading choice for local and global recipients.  We are one of the United Kingdom’s most successful egg donor agencies and every one of our clients is special to us --- our success comes from your success and a happy ending to infertility.