New Life - Egg donation agency

Fresh Eggs

We are happy to work with International Recipients and can help you with organising and coordinating your treatment in one of the UK fertility clinics with whom we work.
All of our donors can be contacted by the child born from egg donation, when the child reaches the age of 18. All the donors’ information is held by the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority.
For many children born through egg donation it is important to understand how they came into the world and knowing your biological roots is part of the process.

Clinics have a legal obligation to record a donor’s name and all relevant details about her. The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act 1990 requires that the names and details of all donors must be registered with the HFEA.

Some international parents would prefer treatment in they own country of origin – for those we have a special offer of sending frozen donor eggs.

Frozen Eggs

Pregnancy using already retrieved, frozen donor eggs is truly a tremendous step forward. The technology of egg freezing is now very advanced and used by fertility doctors throughout the world. New Life in connection with HFEA recognised clinics screens and prepares the donor eggs and retrieves them. Instead of attempting fertilization right away, we freeze the eggs and store them for later use.

At a time of your choosing, the eggs are shipped within days to your clinic in your own country, where they are thawed and fertilized. Independent research shows that the probability of success is essentially the same in both the frozen and fresh egg processes.

The frozen egg process happens on your own schedule, and this means that there’s no need to synchronize your menstrual cycle with your egg donor’s. You do not have to wait for the egg donor to complete screening and egg retrieval, nor accept the risks of dealing with obstacles along the way and unexpected costs. Finally, each of our egg donors are rigorously tested and only healthy looking, mature eggs are frozen. For these reasons, a growing number of our International clients prefer the frozen egg process for treatment in their own country.