New Life - Egg donation agency

New Life was established near the end of 2012. Since then, our donors have completed in excess of 180 egg donation cycles (as of end May 2014).

The success rate varies depending on the clinic involved; however, on average, the success rate is around 75%, although some of the clinics we work with achieved a pregnancy rate of over 80%, using eggs donated by our donors.

The average number of mature eggs delivered by our 150+ donors and suitable for fertilisation has been about 20 per donation; some donors have delivered as many as 30. All the eggs so delivered will be for your exclusive use; so this high average number of eggs means that most of our recipients after the treatment have frozen embryos left for subsequent treatments while trying for a sibling

Our donors are young and fertile; many of them have young children themselves; and many have already donated via New Life with positive results for the recipients.

We are always delighted to welcome back donors who wish to donate again; as New Life has progressed, we have noted a large number of successful donors coming back for another cycle, eager to help another prospective parent to achieve their dream. It is testament to our care for our donors that a strong pattern of repeat donation is occurring.