New Life - Egg donation agency

We are happy to answer your initial inquiry and once you have decided on your choice of clinic, we will send you a registration form and our agreement.

We will try to accommodate your physical characteristics as well as any extra requirements you may have regarding the donor’s blood group, education, interests, talents and abilities. We would give you a choice of a few donors and work with you until you are happy that you have found that very special person – the best donor for you.

We do not charge any extra to our clients for advertising; you will only pay our fee after we have found you a donor with whom you are happy. We also promise to replace the donor free of charge should she change her mind after the first visit to a licensed clinic or should her test results be unsatisfactory.

You will receive from us personalized one-on-one matching between you and your donor (performed prior to collecting any fees). For most of our clients we have no waiting list – you can get matched very quickly. We are confident that we can find your special donor within our extensive database (except ethnic minority donors).

All of our Donors have completed detailed profiles and must meet specific requirements to be accepted into our egg donation programme. The donors are between the ages of 18 and 35, in good health, with no personal or family history of inheritable diseases, non-smokers, and well educated with many interests.

  • You will get exclusive use of all the donated eggs, no ‘sharing’.
  • A donor who withdraws or whose medical tests are not satisfactory is replaced without further charge.

Our fees are only payable once you have selected a donor and we do not charge extra for advertising.

The donors are extensively screened and tested, please see the donor section for the list of tests.