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Surrogacy in the United Kingdom is lawful and has a legal framework, which if adhered to ensures that you both have full parental responsibility and appear on the child's birth certificate as parents.

Surrogates’ reimburseable expenses need to be calculated based upon the actual costs incurred by each individual surrogate. It has become accepted practice for couples to pay expenses of up to £15,000. Higher payments than this are only possible where specific justification has been demonstrated. When applying for a parental order in the UK, you will need to show the court how much money you did in fact pay out to the surrogate, so you must keep detailed records.

Surrogacy is lawful in the UK, although the law does not recognise a surrogacy agreement as a binding contract. This means that, if you use a surrogate who is based in the UK, the intended parents cannot, prior to the birth, effectively secure their position with total certainty – even if IVF treatment has been used and the child is genetically-related to one or both parents and not genetically-related to the surrogate mother. Once birth has occurred, you will then need to take steps to secure your position, including applying for a court-sanctioned ‘parental order’ which vests in you all the parental rights and responsibilities.

Some of our UK based egg donors (after donating with us and being familiar with the IVF process as well as with the heartache infertility causes) have expressed a wish to become a surrogate.
New Life does not organise surrogacy in the UK, but we would be happy to give you details of such a lady free of charge.

If you are considering surrogacy abroad and need a Caucasian egg donor to travel to a clinic abroad, we have donors based in the UK who would be happy to travel to your desired destination.
Such donors would have all the medical, genetic and psychological screening done in the UK by a HFEA licenced clinic and will be prepared for the egg donation by a licenced UK clinic. You will have peace of mind knowing that your donor is properly screened and prepared.

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